Baluch ‘Hushang Shah’ SOLD


A magnificent ‘Hushang Shah’ (or also called ‘Ferdows’) Baluch, depicting Hushang, which according to Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh was the second King (Shah) to rule the world. The figure of Hushang is based upon the legendary HaošiiaĹ‹ha, in the ancient Zoroastrian scripture of the Avesta. The piece features Hushang (in the middle) with his soldiers on an amazing ivory field and border. The piece is excellent condition.



Additional information

Dimensions 158 x 90 cm ( 5,18 x 2,95 ft )
ID 3068
Name Baluch 'Hushang Shah'
Period Circa 1900
Materials Wool and cotton
Origin Persia
Condition SOLD

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