1951, Near Tehran, Iran — Men give rugs a springtime washing in an outdoor pool — Image by © J. Baylor Roberts/National Geographic Society/Corbis

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of the rug conservation. A periodical cleaning (every 1/2 years) of your rugs helps to mantain and keep up the value. Don’t overlook your rug. Dirt, dust and moths can damage the weave of your carpet ruining it. We offer a traditional cleaning service for any kind of rug with pick up and delivery service (in Rome area).

  • We charge €15 per square meter for wool/cotton rugs (pick up and delivery service included in Rome area) or a base cost of 12€ (excluding pick up and delivery service, so you should bring your rugs here at the gallery and come 7-14 days later to pick them up) and please also note that we charge a minimum of €100 per rug for cleaning.
  • We charge €25 per square meter for antique and silk rugs. We also charge €25 per square meter to remove pet urine odors, stains (antibacterial cleaning) and for rugs that need an anti moth cleaning.
  • Textiles and Tapestries need to be seen first.

All prices are plus 22% VAT.