1951, Near Tehran, Iran — Men give rugs a springtime washing in an outdoor pool — Image by © J. Baylor Roberts/National Geographic Society/Corbis

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of rug conservation that should not be overlooked. Dirt, dust, and moths are particular threats to a carpet’s weave. A periodical cleaning of every one to two years helps maintain the appearance, integrity, and value of a rug. We offer a traditional and thorough cleaning service for any kind of rug that includes pick-up and delivery within the metropolitan area of Rome.

For maintenance cleaning of any rug, including antique or silk carpets, with pick-up and delivery, we charge €25 per square meter.

For maintenance cleaning of commercial wool and cotton rugs without pick-up and delivery, we charge €15 per square meter. For this option, the client is responsible for bringing the rug to our location and then collecting it 7-14 days later. 

For specialty cleaning such as removing stains or pet urine odor and antibacterial or anti-moth treatments, we charge €25 per square meter.

Textiles, tapestries and carpets in particularly bad condition (rotten, moldy) require inspection before pricing can be determined.

Please note that any rugs or textiles that are not collected within 21 days will be sent to our storage facility and kept there at the monthly storage rate of €13 per square meter.

All prices are plus VAT (22%).