Conservation and restoration

The art of carpet weaving has been practiced for thousands of years. Sadly, modern industrialization has threatened the artistic soul of this tradition with the use of new materials such as acrylic-blended wool and alanine dyes. Restoration of authentic pieces is now a crucial part of preserving these antique woven artworks that remain. Our team of restorers, our generational knowledge of weaving techniques and materials allows us to work with the original vision of the craftsman in mind, keeping the rug’s spirit intact. It is important, conversely, to avoid bad restorations that can amplify any damage, reduce the rug’s value, and waste your money. Farmand Gallery offers the highest quality of conservation and restoration services to private collectors, museums, and fellow rug dealers. We restore both antique and modern rugs and textiles, soumak, kilim, tapestries, and Aubusson.

Please note that all restoration pricing excludes VAT.