Ottoman Jewish Textile (Torah cover)


This absolute stunner it’s an Ottoman curtain cover for Torah, made in the 18th century.

Translations of the inscriptions: “The poor slave Yitzhaq b. Abraahm b. Ab-Sikkuwwaa. Shehmaa will receive from him and will change him for better. Amen. In the year 1160 Higra (1747)

In the Name of Hashem the Great. Be blessed Who said: Six days you will do your deeds and the Seventh day you will rest. Done this cloth for the Sabbath.”

Additional information

Dimensions 204 x 51 cm ( 6,69 x 1,67 ft )
ID 4836
Name Jewish Textile
Period Dated 1747
Materials Silk and Gold thread
Origin Ottoman
Condition Very Good

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