Persian Qazvin Triclinium


A breathtaking Bidjar so called ‘Triclium’, an extremely rare specimen. A similar example is part of the collection of the Vatican and it’s displayed in the reception hall. Its design encloses a large Kilim, a medium sized kilm and two runners all woven in one example. Fantastic piece and fantastic colours. In very good condition for its age.These antique Kilim and their accompanying table and customs were a sign of wealth. In some Roman households, this setting was for formal meals only, and the everyday meals for the family were served in another room. In Roman households, the triclinia is often adjoining the bath. This is the original form of the custom. The Greeks later adopted that practice. The use of the couches for dining faded away. Still, the tradition of the triclinium rug and eating on the floor using floor cushions around a low table continues in formal settings throughout the Middle East today.

Additional information

Dimensions 378 x 316 cm ( 12,4 x 10,37 ft )
ID 5743
Name Qazvin Gazvin kilim
Period 19th century
Materials Wool and cotton
Origin Persia
Condition Very Good

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