Tudeshk with silk highlights


Tudeshk is a small village 100km far from Isfahan and 50km far from Nain. The village started its production of extremely high quality examples in the early 1900s. The fine weave, kurk wool, light tones (ivory, light blue and blue are the main colors of these production) and the presence of silk highlights (in some specimens) are the indicators that we are in front of an original Tudeshk carpet. In the market they’re usually known as Nain Tudeshk because Nain is a more famous city despite its carpet production start dates back to 50s, over one generation after Tudeshk. Nain took inspiration from Tudeshk examples but never reached that quality being more a commercial medium-low quality carpet.

This fabulous and fine example woven with kurk wool features a complex medallion scheme drawn with the Eslimi spirals on a dark nigh blue field. The ivory spandrels and border create a magical contrast. The silk highlights pop out the carpet catching the viewer’s eye. A luxurious piece in perfect condition, full pile.

Nain (Naeen, Na’in, Nāʾīn) / Tudeshk (Tūdeshk, Toudeshk, Toodeshk, Tudashk, Tūdasht, Tūdeshg)

Size  175×107 cm / 5′ 9” x 3′ 6”

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Additional information

Dimensions 175 x 107 cm ( 5,74 x 3,51 ft )
ID 4888
Name Tudeshk
Period Circa 1930/1940
Materials Wool, cotton and silk
Origin Persia
Condition Perfect

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