‘Souf’ Silk Qum


This breathtaking Silk Qum was woven in the 50s in the so-called ‘Souf’ technique which consists in cutting back the pile of the ground to the point where the design stands out in relief creating a 3D carved effect when touching the piece. In encloses verses by a poem of Omar Khayam: Robaii 117

در کارگه کوزه‌ گری رفتم دوش دیدم دو هزار کوزه گویا و خموش

ناگاه یکی کوزه برآورد خروش کو کوزه‌ گر و کوزه‌ خر و کوزه فروش

The rug displays a ‘Zir-e Khaki’ design. Zir-e Khaki literally means “under the ground” and is referred to Persian archeological finds. In fact, the design includes historical finds found underground as vases, swards, and pitchers. The piece is in excellent condition for its age.

Size  101×104 cm / 3′ 4” x 3′ 5”

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Additional information

Dimensions 101 x 104 cm ( 3,31 x 3,41 ft )
ID 5098
Name Silk 'Souf' Qum
Period Circa 1950
Materials Silk
Origin Persia
Condition Excellent

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