Stunning Tudeshk with Silk


Masterpiece from Central Persia. A unique and stunning Tudeshk, finely knotted (1 million knots per square meter) about 100 years ago in Tudeshk, a small village close to the more famous Nain. This beauty features silk highlights and timeless elegance, given by the color soft and cold color combination which goes well with both modern and classic furnishings. In the invory border, floral palmettes, vines and leaves are finely drawn building the so called ‘Afshan’ design scheme. The piece is in perfect condition. Full pile.

Nain (Naeen, Na’in, Nāʾīn) / Tudeshk (Tūdeshk, Toudeshk, Toodeshk, Tudashk, Tūdasht, Tūdeshg)

Size  218×163 cm / 7′ 2” x 5′ 1”

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Additional information

Dimensions 218 x 163 cm ( 7,15 x 5,35 ft )
ID 4779
Name Tudeshk
Period Circa 1920
Materials Wool, cotton and silk
Origin Persia
Condition Perfect

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