European Tapestry – Flemish


This magnificent tapestry was woven in Flanders of the European Renaissance. At this time, Flanders was creating some of the best textiles in the world, and many of the rich wooded scenes with animals and hunting motifs began to appear. Verdure tapestry, also called Garden Tapestry, type of tapestry decorated with a design based on plant forms. tapestries with formal designs derived from foliage had become immensely popular. In the last half of the 17th century, landscapes were incorporated into their design.

Size  290×240 cm / 10′ 6″ x  7′ 3″

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Additional information

Dimensions 272 x 239 cm ( 8,92 x 7,84 ft )
ID 5732
Name Flemish Tapestry
Period Second half of the 17th century
Materials Wool and silk
Origin Flanders
Condition Very good

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