Imperial Silk And Metal Beijing


During the Qing dynasty, stunning and luxurious rugs made of silk and metal-wrapped threads were knotted in the Imperial workshops of Beijing for the rooms of the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City. Some early specimens being woven in the the three Silk Road oasis: Khotan, Yarkand and Kashgar. These imperial pieces bear an inscription telling the name of the room where the piece must have been displayed. The inscription of this outstanding example displaying the Chinese Garden of Eden, Kunlun, says: ‘Zhong He Dian Bei Yong’ meaning ‘For Imperial Use in the Hall of the Central Harmony’. The piece is in excellent condition.

Size  291×187 cm / 9′ 7” x  6′ 2”

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Additional information

Dimensions 291 x 187 cm ( 9,55 x 6,14 ft )
ID 5414
Name Imperial Silk & Metal Peking
Period Circa 1880-1900
Materials Silk, cotton and metal threads
Origin China
Condition Excellent

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