Tabriz ‘Petag’


The the “Persische Teppich Gesellschaft A.G.” (PETAG) was a German company founded in Berlin in 1911 by the scholar/dealer Heinrich Jacoby (1889-1964). PETAG opened a large workshop in Tabriz, Northwestern Persia, in the 20s and during the interwar era carpets of superb quality were woven by skilled Persian masters. Most of the design were inspired by early Safavid Persian designs. PETAG carpets are identified by their use of particularly lustrous kurk lamb’s wool, natural vegetal dyes and their distinctive ‘signature’ formed of three çintamani pearls arranged in a triangular formation, often located in the far corner of the field or border pattern.

This sublime woven masterpiece was woven in the Petag workshop about 100 years ago. Very finely knotted, the piece displays a stunning all-over ‘Shah Abbas’ design with large colorful palmettes floating on a brick red field. In very good condition.

Size  370×292 cm / 12′ 2″ x 9′ 7″

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Additional information

Dimensions 370 x 292 cm ( 12,14 x 9,58 ft )
ID 5374
Name Tabriz Petag
Period Circa 1910-20
Materials Wool and cotton
Origin Persia
Condition Very Good

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