Huge Ziegler Sultanabad


Ziegler & co. was an important Anglo-Swiss company based in Manchester but active in Persia in the late 19th century with several workshops in the area of the town of Sultanabad (now called ‘Arak’). The company employed the best artisans of the area and exported the carpets woven in the workshops mostly in the US and UK. These rugs were produced used the best materials and the best vegetable dyes available in the market while the designs were inspired by old Persian patterns but still revolutionary at the time.

This massive all-over Ziegler it’s definitely a fascinating one. The complex drawing pop out the delicate red field which is surrounded by a lovely blue border. The piece is in good condition for its age.

Size  585×355 cm / 19′ 2″ x  11′ 8″

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Additional information

Dimensions 585 x 355 cm ( 19,19 x 11,65 ft )
ID 5351
Name Ziegler Sultanabad
Period Circa 1880
Materials Wool and cotton
Origin Persia
Condition Good

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