Rasht duzi Persia

Pulak duzi-Isfahan

Isfahan Brocade

Felt embroidered

English Needlepoint XX

Galamkar Isfahan

Embroidery signed

Embroidery on wool

Shawl Kashmir SOLD


Scandinavian fabric

Scandinavian fabric

Embossed fabric

Tapestry with scene

Tapestry with landscape

Shawl with embroidery

Shawl with embroidery

Embroidery dated 1832



Embroidery Lisbon

Blanket Sardinia

Blanket Sardinia

Blanket Sardinia

German embroidery

German embroidery

English embroidery

Rasht Duzi-SOLD

Embroidery Lisbon SOLD

Blanket SOLD

Suzani Sold

Mesopotamia Sold

Suzani SOLD

Who we are?

We are 3 generations of rug dealers with more than 90 years experience in this field. Since late 1980s, we have been dealing with antique rugs only. Our collection includes: carpets, kilims, textiles, tapestries, masks and other collectibles. All original, antique and handmade.