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The art of carpet weaving passed through centuries. Nowadays, unfortunately, the modern and contemporary art has lost its artistic soul. Because of these new materials (industrial wool, mixed with acrylic), new colors (not more natural dyes, but dyed with alanine) so the restoration becomes crucial. The result of a restoration is closely related to the artist’s work, the restorer. A bad restoration could:

1- Reduce the value of the rug
2- A waste of money;
3- Increase the damaged zone

Farmand Gallery is able to offer one the world’s best conservation and restoration service. Available to private collectors, rug dealers and museums. We can restore:

1) Antique and modern rugs;
2) Sumak;
3) Kilim.
4) Tapestries and Aubusson
5) Antique and modern textiles




Who we are?

We are 3 generations of rug dealers with more than 90 years experience in this field. Since late 1980s, we have been dealing with antique rugs only. Our collection includes: carpets, kilims, textiles, tapestries, masks and other collectibles. All original, antique and handmade.