If your rug it’s too big, too small, if you don’t like the colors anymore, if you have a contemporary rug and you want to have an antique one or if you are moving to a new house and you need a different rug we can help you.

Farmand Gallery offer you the barter service. If you bought your rugs from other shops we will make an evalutation, but if you have bought the rugs from us it will be evaluated exactly the amount paid, or more (because our rugs are all antique and highly selected and they keep their value, or they increase the value, over the years).

Who we are?

We are 3 generations of rug dealers with more than 90 years experience in this field. Since late 1980s, we have been dealing with antique rugs only. Our collection includes: carpets, kilims, textiles, tapestries, masks and other collectibles. All original, antique and handmade.